• AURA


    This is a brand new 3 part series which follows the deadly Queen of the Lost. We follow her struggle as she tries to keep her demonic bargain to harvest souls for an unforgiving master.

  • RUIN


    The Beast Inside is a 5 part mini-series which follows the enigmatic warrior as he tries to stop the evil Archmother from entering the war of the Wyrms.

Latest News

I had hoped to be announcing the launch of the final Ruin book but unfortunately, I'm not there yet. It has been a busy year for me - with the Dreadnought swallowing the first few months completely. Since then I have been having a two-storey extension built on the back of my house. I am doing most of the work and if you've ever had work done you'll know how frustrating it is living in a building site. All excuses I know, but suffice to say Ruin - Creatures of the Orb will be a 2018 release.

To make up for it in a small way I am releasing the second comic in the Aura series. The artwork is by Prabath and is just stunning. Some of the panels inside are worthy of a cover position. Its available now in the website shop.

It's been a mixed bag in terms of shows this year. I love doing them as it's great to speak to everyone and hear your feedback but commercially I have noticed a downturn. When I first started doing the conventions there was Birmingham, London and maybe 2 or 3 others. Now there is a convention almost every weekend! I think it has diluted the scene dramatically. It's good for visitors as they have events close to home, but for traders it's not so great. Less people means less sales and as you may have guessed the price to exhibit has gone up. So it has become financially difficult to justify doing them. To this end I am not planning to do any shows next year. My goal is to return to a few conventions in 2019 where I will have a lot of new material for you all to read :)

In my other projects folder and have just completed the first of 3 fantasy weapon sculptures. They are actual weapons but framed like a painting. The first is an Axe called J'Karr, the second is a warhammer called 'Fulgor' and the final piece will be a remake of Ruin's 'Mortis' sword. I'll post some pics on my Facebook page when ready.

Have a great Christmas and better New Year





The next series that will follow RUIN will be a science fiction tale. The series will be called F.O.U.R.

It will follow a team of operatives that work for a shadow organisation that attempt to keep the balance of the galaxy.

This short story follows one of these team members, Ecclesiarch Srisk, and will introduce you to a whole new universe of characters and places.

I hope you enjoy it!