• AURA


    This is a brand new 3 part series which follows the deadly Queen of the Lost. We follow her struggle as she tries to keep her demonic bargain to harvest souls for an unforgiving master.

  • RUIN


    The Beast Inside is a 5 part mini-series which follows the enigmatic warrior as he tries to stop the evil Archmother from entering the war of the Wyrms.

Latest News

We had a great weekend at Alexandra Palace at the Great British Tattoo show. It was a very different show for us and certainly a different crowd. My thanks to all those who came and talked to us and those who bought the books. I hope you are enjoying the stories. As far as shows go this year that was the last one for a while. I hope to be at the MCM Excel in October but will have to see. Other than that the shows will be taking a back seat for a while.

In other news I am a long way into my new book 'Darkfyre'. A whole new world and cast. Some of you may remember the Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone  fighting fantasy books where you - the reader are the  hero and must make decisions to get you through the story. Well Darkfyre is one of these books. I am also looking to develop a You Tube series where a talented cast will perform one of my books. We have yet to finalise the details and format but it will be released in chapter episodes. We are going to start with 4 - Warriors of the Balance.

The webshop will be closed shortly but all my books can now be bought from eBay.





The next series that will follow RUIN will be a science fiction tale. The series will be called F.O.U.R.

It will follow a team of operatives that work for a shadow organisation that attempt to keep the balance of the galaxy.

This short story follows one of these team members, Ecclesiarch Srisk, and will introduce you to a whole new universe of characters and places.

I hope you enjoy it!