Originally trained as an artist and designer, I have worked
in the digital media and computer games industry for 22 years
and have been running my own e-learning software development
company for the last 8 years. As part of my profession, I write a great
deal of e-learning instructional courseware. I have written over 40
courses and games in the last few years and this has helped me to hone
my writing skills.

I wrote my first novel Dying Star: Prophecy in 2010 so I am relatively new to the
'author' scene. I attended my first Comic Con that year at the NEC in Birmingham to
promote my novel and have never looked back since. I love writing, but love meeting
fans more. The feedback I get inspires me to keep writing and I consider myself
privileged to be able to provide entertainment that people enjoy.

As well as writing for the genre, I am a big fan of science fiction and fantasy. Favourite authors include David Gemmell, Michael Moorcock and Douglas Hill with the stories of Druss the axeman and Elric the Eternal Champion topping the list. Currently reading the back catalogue of the Black Library concerning the Warhammer 40K universe. Favourite authors are Dan Abnett and Gav Thorpe.

My interests continue into film and comics. Favourite films include; Dune, Aliens, LOTR, the early CONAN and anything else in with Arnold in it. I grew up reading 2000AD and other short series such as Strip & Toxic. Standout characters were the ABC warriors, Slaine, Strontium Dog and Accident Man (Mike Fallon is undoubtedly the coolest character of all time).

As well as writing I also like to make things. This started with a Warhammer 40K space marine
suit. It weighed 10 stone so was a bit awkward to wear and as most people on You Tube have
pointed out it looks as if I have crapped myself. After this I built another life-size space marine
model for THQ games. This model now regularly appears on the TV show CAR S.O.S. in the
back of their workshop! I have made a few of the swords used by characters in my books and
have a few more planned in the pipeline.

My current project is again in the Warhammer 40K universe. It will be a working
(but not walking) life-size dreadnought. I am some way along in the build and you can
follow the progress on this dedicated Facebook page.