No Show!

Wed, 28 Sep 2016

No Show! I haven't done that many this year because of other commitments but had planned to do London, Cardiff and NEC at the end of this year. London had originally been the weekend of 22nd but at some point during the year it has changed to the weekend after. This means I will not be going to London. I will be at Cardiff on the 29th & 30th and the NEC as planned in November. I am trying to add Reading on 26th & 27th November. Needless to say I am gutted about missing London.

I will be doing a full calendar of shows in 2017 and as soon as I know the dates - I will post here and on my facebook page. Apologies to all those who were planning on coming to see me at London.

Some of you might have seen the Meteor Collectables post which I have launched on Kickstarter. It's something very different and agreed very expensive. The materials and time that go into making it plus the cost of the Meteorites have pushed up the price but when you see the quality of it you'll understand. It is cheaper than a limited run sculpture! For more details take a look at

The 10" Ruin figure is coming along nicely and I hope to have some to show and sell very soon. Book 4 of the Ruin comics will be out in a couple of weeks and progress on the final Ruin Novel is slow but steady.