I've got chills...

Fri, 15 Jan 2016

A frosty welcome to 2016. It's going to be a busy year methinks. I am a long way into my first science fiction novel - FOUR - Warriors of the Balance. I have been immersed in the world of Mareta for three years so felt like a change. I am looking forward to writing the completion of the Ruin saga but it seemed like a good time for a break. I have to say I am really enjoying writing about my new cast of characters - it is a very different setting and each chapter almost seems like a new start. There is a complex thread running through the story, a few good twists and the usual bloodshed. I have also done a huge amount of research into our universe, astro physics and the art of the possible so hopefully it will follow science fact (to some degree!).

I have had book 2 of the comic book series back from the printers - The Beast Inisde - Archmother, and it is looking great. A very different take on the artwork by Coro Gilang, but very effective. I have also changed printers and you'll be able to see the difference. It will be in the shop soon and I will have copies at the shows. Book 3 will also be ready by March. This is being done by Prabath - it is something special!!

Saturday 16th January I will be at Kings College in London at The Self Publishing Summit. I will be joining a couple of other authors to hopefully give some sage advice. These are very helpful events if you are starting out on a writing career and one lucky author could receive a contract!

Bobby Jackson has been commissioned to do the Ruin Statue sculpt and early signs are looking very good. On the new or revamped product range I will also be releasing a limited edition boxset of Dying Star. They have a very cool box and sleeve, a revamped booklet and each will be hand numbered. Watch this space.