F.O.U.R - Warriors of the Balance out now!

Wed, 11 May 2016

My new book F.O.U.R - Warriors of the Balance is now out!! It is available in my shop and will be up on Amazon in physical and electronic form very shortly. It seems like a long time ago since I finished writing it but there is a lot of work to do once the manuscript is complete. I have gone for a different style on the cover using just the logo of F.O.U.R with the title displayed vertically. I wanted to showcase the artwork in its full glory. It has been done by Prabath, who has done a lot for me recently and he has excelled himself this time around. The full detail in the picture is stunning. I just have to hope the words inside live up to it now!

I will have plenty of copies for sale at the next comic con which is at Exeter in June. I will also have an A2 fold out star map which has exclusive artwork of the main characters as well as the map of the Shakari system. The star map will only be available from the cons (at the very reasonable price of £2) The illustrations have been done by Prabath, Takashi Tan, Marwan Islami and my good self. Prabath is also busy working on the fourth installation of the RUIN comic book series.

It has been refreshing to write outside the fantasy genre and create an entire universe this time instead of a single world. The characters are very different but hopefully still some to love and hate in equal amounts. The new novel takes a few chapters to unfold as I have tried to work in the back story without overloading on facts. The pace quickens and the explosive action you would expect from my writing starts to take over. Let me know what you think :)

It is back into the Ruin saga for me now and the final book has been planned and the first chapter is underway. I hope to have it for the end of the year but I'm not going to rush it!

I may add a few new dates to the show schedule so keep an eye on the calendar.