Exeter Comic Con

Mon, 27 Jun 2016

Had a great weekend at Exeter Comic Con. It was the first event held at the Westpoint Arena and as such I expected it to be fairly quiet. It wasn't. The atmosphere was really friendly and I love the West Country attitude to things unknown - "Never heard of him" - comes up to the stand 'What's this all about then?" Brilliant.

As this is the closet event to my home town it was nice to see some familiar faces although some looked a bit shocked as it was their first con. I met some great people and have already had some really positive feedback. It certainly makes the long days worthwhile. I am looking for some useable quotes for my new book FOUR, so if you have read any of it and have something nice to say :), then please let me have a quotation. Hopefully I have made some new fans and I will be defiantly back next year with some new work.

The show as a whole needs to grow but I'm sure ShowMaster's team have that in hand. There were some interesting stands and it was good to see a few other authors now trying the con. If you are into miniature war-gaming then check out They were there promoting their Kickstarter to fund the final edits to their documentary film. It looked good. I also met some other interesting contacts, but more of that to come at a later date.

The traders were let out early on Sunday (for good behaviour) and for the first time I was home before dark.

In the pipeline at the moment is the fourth book in the Ruin comic series, the Ruin figure and the final book in the series - Creatures of the Orb. The next con is London, Excel, followed by Cardiff and then Birmingham NEC to finish off the year. See you all soon.