Con Season

Fri, 11 Mar 2016

Well a lot has happened since my last update. The main news is that my new book FOUR: Warriors of the Balance is finished. I am currently in the editing process with a release date of May this year. It is a very different novel than my fantasy fiction but I think you'll enjoy it. There are some very unusual characters and a whole galaxy to explore. Of course it has the action you would expect. I intend to produce a map/artwork leaflet that will accompany the first 100 books.

The second comic is already out - and today sees the launch of the third one in the series. The artwork has been done by Prabath and I have to say this latest comic is stunning. It will be in the website shop in the next couple of weeks.

I attended the first con of the season last weekend at Oxford. It was a very friendly affair, a great venue and I had a good time talking to lots of potential new readers. The Dying Star limited edition boxset went down very well. This weekend (12th, 13th March) I will be at Bournemouth Comic Con. 

The Ruin 3D sculpture has been completed and I am now sourcing production and packaging. I intend to produce a pre-painted version and also a blank version so you can paint it yourself. There is a sneak preview of the figure on my Facebook page.

As soon as FOUR is released it will be back to planning and writing the final installment of RUIN. The creatures of the Orb. If you thought it was a struggle before, then hold on to your seats!